Jamesha Hawkins – Class of ’20

Jamesha Hawkins – Class of 2020
College: Pittsburg State University
Area of Study: Interior Design

Expected Graduation Date: 2024

Who or what at UA had the greatest impact on where you are today? Why?
The person who had the greatest impact on me at UA was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Conner. She was always there for me when I needed to rant or get some encouragement. The amount of faith she had in me kept me going and seeing her every other morning while walking into school always made my day a little bit better.

How have you utilized the education you received (or the skills you learned) at UA?
I’ve utilized my skill of time management. Although we received a lot of homework and assignments, I always tried my best to plan out ways to get everything done even when I had a job to do.

How is your experience at UA impacting you now?
My experience mentally prepared me to be ready for the workload of college. They helped me think of how I should spend my time so I can make sure I get all my homework done and have some relaxation once I get my day done.

What if you chose to attend a school other than UA? Do you think you would be in the same place?
I believe I would be in the same place but probably not as prepared.

How has UA Foundation (formerly Friends of UA) impacted you and/or where you are today?
The UA Foundation has given me a chance to do the things I thought were impossible. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get a study abroad experience in Japan.

What are your goals for the future and who/what has shaped them?
My current goal for the future is to use the knowledge I’ve gained from my education to find a way to give back to my community. My mother helped me come up with this idea, especially with everything going around such as COVID-19. Interior designers are needed now more than ever and I want to be able to contribute to that need in the future whenever it’s necessary.

What are you doing to stay connected to UA and your fellow alums?
The 2020 alumni and I have a group chat where we talk every once in a while to check in on each other. The small group of friends I have from UA are in a group chat through phone numbers and we talk almost every day.