Vocational Incentive Program

UA Foundation acknowledges that more and more students are choosing a non-traditional route for their career path and want to award them similarly to how we award students that pursue college. Understanding the cost (e.g. tuition and fees, books and supplies, transportation, personal items, etc.) associated with being a student can be expensive. The Vocational Incentive Program (VIP) intends to reduce the burden of these expenses as well as reward alumni for their persistence in their program.

To learn more, review the VIP Guidelines.

Eligibility & Process

Vocational Incentive Program Eligibility:

  • Graduate of University Academy
  • Enrolled in a technical or trade program at a specialized school

Vocational Incentive Program Submission Process:

  • Complete the online application
  • Send your required documents to [email protected]

  • Provide an official program schedule or verification of enrollment for the current/upcoming term (enrollment verification)
  • Provide a transcript or certificate of completion at the end of the program (program completion)

Scholarship Award Amounts


  • $200 for enrollment verification


  • $250 one-time award for program completion


  • We will mail out the VIP checks on a rolling basis
  • All awards will be sent out via USPS
  • If you’d like to pick up your award in person, please let the ASP Director know
  • Have all the required documents ready to send as you complete the submission form