UA high school student, B. Norton (’18)  in Alaska through University Academy Foundation’s study abroad scholarship program.


Mission / Vision / Impact Report

Our Vision:
To empower UA students and alumni to reach their academic and professional aspirations by providing extraordinary, life-long support.

Our Mission:
To facilitate educational programs and opportunities that support college readiness, college completion, and career success for University Academy students and alumni.

Critical factors for success: 

  • Maintain a culture of caring, entrepreneurship, teamwork and high expectations. 
  • Alumni are engaged and take ownership for the success of the organization. 
  • Ensure long-term financial sustainability. 
  • Establish community partnerships and collaborations. 
  • Rigorous operations and data management.
  • Alignment with University Academy.


Supporting UA students, for life.

Secure funding.

Community engagement.

University Academy Foundation provides game-changing support to students in their elementary and secondary experience at University Academy. Then we walk  with UA students as they transition into college all the way through to  graduat ion. We continue to act as a resource and network for UA  graduates on their way into their careers and life after college. 

University Academy Foundation secures funding for special programs and opportunities for  UA students and alums, which allows the University Academy to do what a  great school should do: focus on K-12 academics. 

University Academy Foundaiton and UA are community entities. We engage with the  community in a variety of ways to demonstrate our stewardship of our  community’s trust, celebrate success, and identify opportunities to  collaborate toward improvement.