Health and Mental Health Resources

Our priority is to ensure our communities and UA Alumni around the world are as happy and healthy as possible. Please check out the resources below to find relevant information, such as tips for maintaining good mental health or a list health services for KCMO residents.

Health and Mental Resources

Exercise and Fitness

  • Dance Fitness: Local in DC, Follow One Rule Dance (@Oneruledance on Facebook or @OneRuleDance on Instagram) for hour-long virtual Dance Fitness Zumba classes. All levels and ages welcome!
  • FitOn – Quick & Effective Workouts, from celebrity trainers (free?)
  • 202Strong – live workouts at 12pm on YouTube
  • FitSpot live resources on Instagram 
  • Resource List – Dance Every Day
  • Jenny Ford Fitness Classes – We (as a family) are filming workouts in all 50 states in the USA, and have become the ultimate road trippers. We’ll have 120+ step aerobics and marching or walking workouts, 30 minutes each, ready for you by the end of 2020. My teaching style is based on verbally cueing to 32-count music, a skill not many instructors use today. Studies show when *instructors use both verbal and visual cueing in workouts, participants have more success.
  • Get in Shape Grrl, on Facebook (broadway edition too)
  • 305 Fitness free daily live streams on YouTube and Facebook (may not be suitable with young children, there were lots of curse words in the one I did)
  • GymRa – quieter bodyweight strength workouts for creaky floors
  • Peloton app – 90 day free trial, lots of good cardio, strength, yoga, bootcamps, etc. for people without a stationary bike (but also great workouts if you do have a stationary bike)
  • Fitness Blender – free full length workout videos

When it’s Time to Take a Break from Schoolwork

  • Duolingo: Brush up on your foreign language or learn a NEW language with the free online app with over 30 languages to learn:

De-stressing Tools

Finding Work