May the best class win!
        • Classes that raise the most get prizes like gala tickets, gift cards, Alumni Awards Banquet tickets, special lunch celebrations, and more!
        • If you sign up to become a monthly donor (starting at just $5/month), you'll be entered to win $100 gift card to a place of your choosing

Why do alumni give?

"I give monthly because it affords an opportunity for students to go further than dreaming. Giving to the UA Foundation means that I can help someone create their own story. I want students to never feel like they are being held back by finances."
-Brandon Bland UA '10
"I've been blessed enough to receive so many opportunities and resources due to attending and graduating from University Academy. I'm now a monthly donor because I like to give back, in any capacity that I can, and give other students the same life-changing opportunities that I received."
-Mahlet UA '19
"As an alum, I give because it's a simple way to show my support for current students and young alumni."
-Jade UA '06

Alumni Giving Campaign