Alumni Giving Campaign


UA Foundation had 10 alumni donors last year, but there are 669 alumni. But we know: an alumni gift—no matter what size—makes a big difference.
All UA students and alumni  deserve equitable access to educational and professional opportunities, and we need your help to make sure that happens!

Why do alumni give?

"I give monthly because it affords an opportunity for students to go further than dreaming. Giving to the UA Foundation means that I can help someone create their own story. I want students to never feel like they are being held back by finances."
-Brandon Bland UA '10
"I've been blessed enough to receive so many opportunities and resources due to attending and graduating from University Academy. I'm now a monthly donor because I like to give back, in any capacity that I can, and give other students the same life-changing opportunities that I received."
-Mahlet UA '19
"As an alum, I give because it's a simple way to show my support for current students and young alumni."
-Jade UA '06

Help the students coming up behind you benefit from the programs that you had access to.

Which graduating class can raise the most money?
Give even a small amount to help your class win! 
Give up take out a few times a year, and give $50. That will pay for UA Foundation to mail 5 care packages.
Help your class win gala tickets, recognition on a plaque at UA and more.
Ways to give
  • Spread it out: just give a little bit every month
  • Hit the button above!
  • Venmo

Alumni Giving Campaign

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