Jada Glover – Class of ’17

Jada Glover – Class of 2017
College: Creighton University
Area of Study: BA in Marketing and Business Intelligence & Analytics, December 2020
Current Occupation: Carrier Sales Specialist at Shamrock Trading Corporation

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Who or what at UA had the greatest impact on where you are today? Why?
Dr. Ukaoma made the greatest impact on me during my time at UA. He was always challenging me to be a better learner. The staff and faculty at UA are all really motivating and want what’s best for every student.

How have you utilized the education you received (or the skills you learned) at UA? 
I have utilized what I learned at UA by always accepting opportunities with an open mind, and being consistent in being adaptable.

How is your experience at UA impacting you now?
My experience at UA is impacting me now with reminders that although I am an undergraduate and am pursuing my career, there are still staff and faculty that are supporting me, reaching out, and ensuring that I have everything I need and it has meant so much to me.

What if you chose to attend a school other than UA? Do you think you would be in the same place?
I do not think I would be in the same place if I had not attended UA. I say this because UA, although challenging, set out to do exactly what it says it will do for its students–and that is prepare them. I felt well prepared for college, and even more well prepared as I graduated early with the help of Dual-Credit courses at UA.

How has the UA Foundation impacted you and/or where you are today? 
UA Foundation has impacted where I am today by being able to support me financially and by providing the extra support outside of family. I have been so grateful to have attended college with their help. I have also been appreciative of Mrs. Moats who has always been an ear when I needed advice. Super appreciative of Sonja who has helped me stand out in my career, as well!

What are your goals for the future and who/what has shaped them? 
My goals for the future now are working hard and becoming a leader in my career at Shamrock. This goal is shaped by UA as it is one of the major things I was able to take away during my time there.

What are you doing to stay connected to UA and your fellow alums?
To stay connected with UA and my fellow alums I reach out via social media, and am ensuring I connect with everyone on LinkedIn.

Anything else you’d like to share? I LOVE YOU GUYS! I would like to extend great thanks to the donors who have made so many things possible for me! I have had a lot of experiences without the worry of my financial situation. The donors give me so much inspiration to give back to UA students when that time comes because I am fully aware of the difference that is being made in students’ lives.