Daija Butler – Class of ‘20

College: University of Central Missouri
Area of Study: Criminal Justice
Expected Graduation Date: 2024

Who or what at UA had the greatest impact on where you are today? Why?
The greatest impact UA had on me was learning how to stay organized, be a leader and not a follower and we were taught how to always stay on top of our work.

How have you utilized the education you received (or the skills you learned) at UA?
Some skills I learned at UA helped me get my finances taken care of which also helped me to understand different kinds of math.

How is your experience at UA impacting you now?
It’s impacting me now by making me feel better about writing essays, I have more to share. I don’t think I’d be where I am if I had not attended UA.

How has UA Foundation (formerly Friends of UA) impacted you and/or where you are today?
UA Foundation led to me being seen by more top colleges, helped us with study abroad and also gave us seniors a variety of opportunities when going off to college.

What are your goals for the future and who/what has shaped them?
My goal for the future is to strive towards my major and get my bachelors in criminal justice. I most likely would like to become a juvenile officer.

What are you doing to stay connected to UA and your fellow alums?
I am keeping in touch with the students and other teachers that still work there and also emailing teachers to get help with college work. These same teachers helped me along the way in my journey at UA.