Elijah Abdullah – Class of ’14

UA Class of 2014
Undergraduate: BS, Athletic Training – Missouri State (2020)
Post-Graduate: University of Oregon

I am currently on my way to graduating with honors from Missouri State University and recently landed a 6 week internship with the Minnesota Vikings sports medicine team (recognized as one of the best sports medicine teams in the NFL). The entire UA Foundation staff played a huge role in me landing an athletic training internship with the Minnesota Vikings. I used them as a reference AND they helped me compile the perfect resume and cover letter to grab the Vikings attention. They were very supportive and patient throughout the lengthy process. I am very thankful to have graduated from UA, not only for the education, but because UA Foundation does everything they can to help the alumni progress through college and life. UA Foundation is always willing to help, and has helped keep me on the right path. One of the more “popular” ways that UA Foundation supports the alumni is through the college incentive program. My peers in college get jealous when I tell them about it because it is a scholarship that you basically just have to sign your name for and is exclusive to UA alumni. 

My current goals are to finish school with my Masters in AT and to become the head athletic trainer for any NFL or NBA team. I contact the UA Foundation staff regularly to keep them updated on life and to ask for, or offer, help with anything. I also try to attend any events that I can whenever I am in town just to keep up with other alumni and to see if I can help anyone or vice versa. I am forever grateful for UA Foundation and probably would not be in school without them.

Update: Elijah received his undergrad in spring of 2020 and is off to work as a graduate employee at The University of Oregon.