Brandon Bland – Class of ‘10

College: NW Missouri State University (2010-2014)
Degree: BS in Mass Media – Television Broadcasting 
Advanced Degree: Working towards Masters in Marketing at NWMSU
Current Occupation: Multimedia Specialist at NWMSU

Want to hear from Brandon directly? Click here for the video version of this Alumni Spotlight!

Who or what at UA had the greatest impact on where you are today? Why?
I would say the teachers from UA, they push you and really give you an opportunity to succeed. That’s what gave me the confidence to feel like I could do more than just graduate high school.

What if you chose to attend a school other than UA? Do you think you would be in the same place?
Most likely not. The (original) intent was just to graduate high school just because a lot of people in my family didn’t have that option (to attend college.)

How has UA Foundation (formerly Friends of UA) impacted you and/or where you are today?
UAF really helped me get through school when I had tough times financially as well as just being a support system when I needed it mentally and emotionally.

What are your goals for the future and who/what has shaped them?
To finish up my graduate degree, probably pursue more education though I’m not really sure right now. And then just continue to hone in on my experiences and make sure to open the door open for others who come after me. 

Also, my supervisor who I’m working with right now is helping me shape my future as well as UAF and those teachers and instructors who have been in my corner from day one, even when I had to take time off from school.

What are you doing to stay connected to UA and your fellow alums?
There’s so much more I’d like to do to help people out at UAF as well as UA in general and I will continue to find ways to help people out.