Kiani Kitchen – Class of ’14

Kiani Kitchen – Class of ’14
College: University of Central Missouri
Area of Study: Fashion Merchandising, minoring in Business Administration & Marketing

Expected Graduation Date: Dec. of 2020

Who or what at UA had the greatest impact on where you are today? Why?
The greatest impact UA had on me is helping me finish high school so I could advance to college. They tried to show how important college is and expected us to do our best in classes.

How have you utilized the education you received (or the skills you learned) at UA?
They helped me get into college and get a bachelor’s degree.

How is your experience at UA impacting you now?
The help with tuition has been the biggest help for me and I appreciate it.

How has UA Foundation (formerly Friends of UA) impacted you and/or where you are today?
They check on us all the time and make sure we are getting the help for college as needed. I respect everything they have done so far.

What are your goals for the future and who/what has shaped them?
I have a lot of goals. I plan to become a marketing manager with my modeling agency. Then I will go back to school to become a certified cosmetologist to start one of my businesses and use the money to pay for my law & psychology degree in the future. 

What are you doing to stay connected to UA and your fellow alums?
I meet up with other alums and hang out and I email with UA Foundation for any other help needed.