Jaedren Murray – Class of ’14

Jaedren Murray, Class of 2014
College: Rose Hulman (2014–2018)
Degree: B.S. – Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Robotics
Current Profession: Production Engineer at Toyota 

During my time at University Academy, I was presented with many challenges, usually relating to academics or football. UA was very helpful in aiding me to progress through those challenges. I really liked UA because during your time there, you are almost guaranteed to form friendships and personal relationships with others. You would form them not only with other students, but also with faculty members at the school. The friendships in both forms helped me to keep up at UA, usually through encouragement and empowerment. They helped me throughout my undergraduate career, and they still help me today. The school provided many opportunities for scholarships and other assistance that would help to shape my future. It was also the whole reason I decided to apply to and attend my Alma Mater, Rose-Hulman. Without the guidance UA offered, this decision may have never been made, and may have changed the entire direction I went after high school.

After high school graduation, and during my time at Rose, the guidance continued through Friends of UA. They provided care packages and academic incentives that made the college experience a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable than it would have been without them. Even from about 450 miles away, UA was still having a huge impact on my life.

Now, after graduating from Rose-Hulman with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, I am working as a Production Engineer at Toyota Material Handling. The experience is great. I have met some great people, and am making enough money to effectively pay off the student loans I have. Once that is done, I plan on looking toward attending grad school for robotics. Friends of UA (now UA Foundation) has helped again, by paying for the fee for the GRE test (which went very well!) I am and will be forever grateful for the guidance and support offered to me by my high school and Friends of UA (UA Foundation.) None of this would be possible without them.